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Candy Bag Labels

All my invitations you see listed on my website have EXACT matching candy bag labels.
If you would like to order, find the invitation design that most closely matches what you like and follow the links to order.

Bag labels can be any size you like. My examples above are printed as 4x6 photographs and folded in half. You can print these at home, or drop them off at your favorite photo department counter.

Take your party bag and fill with your child's favorite candies or toys. THE MORE COLORFUL THE BETTER! These can also be filled with other novelties. Fold over and staple to the top of the plastic bag.

I’ve used ziplock bags and sandwich bags. I have also used the large party cellophane bags you purchase in the party section. Use these if you want to put more stuff in them. I have also purchased the bags at craft stores; check in the candy making isles. Our cake decorating stores carry them. Another source……Stamping stores……they use the bags in the same fashion. The party supply stores carry them as well. They come in every size imaginable.

All my invitations you see listed have EXACT matching candy bag labels.

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