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Treat / Loot Bags - Print Yourself

All my invitations you see listed on my website have EXACT matching treat bags.
If you would like to order, find the invitation design that most closely matches what
you like and follow the links to order.
You can put any wording or pictures on it that you like.

Print on regular good quality white paper. When made they look just like a lunch size paper bag. Finished size is 5"x 8" (12.7 cm x 20.32 cm). Great Project to involve the children in. If you don't want to assemble a bag, you can take the layout that you create and cut it out and glue
or tape to you own bag. Print at home or take it to a place like Kinko's, Office Max, Copy Max,
Staples, Office Depot or other stores that offer commerical printing services.


1. Print out two templates. Print in color or black and white, both look great. If you donít want to make the entire bag, you can use the templates to decorate you own bags. Print the templates, cut out only the pictures and text that you would like to keep. Glue or tape those pieces to a gift bag or lunch sack. For even more personalization, add each guestís name onto the bag!

2. Cut along the DOTTED lines. This will be the bag's bottom. Kids may need help with this. Cut away white boarder if desired. (Most printers do not print to the very edge of the paper) You can even use decorative edge cutting scissors to put a nice edge at the top opening.

3. Place both of the cut out templates before you, face up. Glue the template on the right onto the glue tab of the template on the left. You should now have one long piece of paper.

4. Fold all other SOLID BLACK lines. Imagine a line extending up from the dotted lines you cut. Fold along these imaginary lines, fold the GLUE tab and fold up the tabs for the bag's bottom

5. Put glue on the glue tab (or tape) and glue it to the inside of the bag.

6. Put glue on the tabs for the bags bottom and carefully press together. (NOTE: if you trimmed the white boarder around the edge of the design you will also have to trim the bottom large flaps the same amount)

Attach a piece of string, wool or ribbon to make a handle (or cut a piece of construction paper for the handle).
Crimp the edges of the bag and fold the top over (so it looks like a paper lunch bag)

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